Embedding vs Configuring Python build

hvendelbo.dev at googlemail.com hvendelbo.dev at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 5 20:46:21 CET 2008

I am using Python in an application that cannot depend on an existing
Python installation or require Python to
be installed. The application itself should not have an install
procedure, but rather should be runnable from any
location in the file system.

Ideally I would prefer not to embed at all, but would rather prefer to
configure. I found a couple of discussions on the
default sys.path in the archive and am currently reading through the
Py_GetPath. The path logic seems pretty specific to the platform,
whereas I would want it to be relative regardless of platform. I
figure that if I can just get to
my own site.py/sitecustomize.py then I'm in business.

This is what I wan't to achieve:

* The python executable location should be used to determine dynamic
* The python exe location should be used to determine standard library
* site.py should be executed rather than the shell if no parameters
are specified

Is it possible to change the build configuration of Python to support

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