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>I'll step out and say that some of the non-vendor talks were quite
>weak.  The most severe was a talk on Stackless where the original
>speaker was unable to be here and someone got up and clicked through
>the slide deck at a very fast pace.  I thought the person had stepped
>in at the last minute, but later learned that he had volunteered with
>a couple of weeks' notice.  Additionally, the original speaker had
>Andrew Dalke's *exact* slide deck from his Stackless talk last year.
>One first-time attendee told me over lunch that he was going to
>recommend to his employer that they not pay to send their programmers
>to PyCon next year based on what he had seen in this year's talks.  I
>know that's an unpleasant message, but in the interest of preserving
>PyCon's quality, I'm willing to be the jerk of a messenger.

The plural of anecdote is not data.  I sympathize with what you're saying
to some extent, but any gathering of a thousand people will certainly
garner comments like this.  Moreover, there will be some talks that screw
up because of short notice changes (and believe me, two weeks is short

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