Which way to access Scintilla

Alex noname9968 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 20:46:01 CET 2008

There are several ways to use Scintilla in Python, the ones described at 
http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/ScintillaRelated.html are:
    -through wxPython
    -pyscintilla is the original Python binding for Scintilla's default 
GTK 1.x class. Includes some additional support, such         as native 
printing on Windows. The binding is hand-written rather than 
auto-generated from the Scintilla.iface file.

    -pygtkscintilla is a Python binding for gtk1.x scintilla that uses 
gtkscintilla instead of the default GTK class.

    -pyscintilla2 is a Python binding for GTK 2.x scintilla that uses 

I'm not using any of the libraries GTK 1.x, GTK 2.x or WxPython for GUI 
(always used Tkinter), but I want to use Scintilla so I wonder which way 
would have less overhead. First, loading of an additional library would 
(I think) slow down startup and operating time of program, plus there 
can be additional complexity of use.

I also want to embed Scintilla in Tkinter-created window (create the 
rest of the GUI in Tkinter), or rather, I want to know if that's 
possible at all. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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