how to get information of a running prog in python

Ivan Illarionov ivan.illarionov at
Mon May 12 23:18:10 EDT 2008

On Mon, 12 May 2008 19:19:05 -0700, Jimmy wrote:

> Well, i know it may be a little non-python thing, however, I can think
> of no place better to post this question :)
> can anyone tell me, in python, how to obtain some information of a
> running program?
> paticularly, if i am playing some music in audacious or other media
> player, how can i get the the name and some other info of current
> playing song? It seems that audicious doesn't output on run-time

In case of Audatious running on X11 all you need is Python X library

And something like:

from Xlib import display

dpy = display.Display()
root = dpy.screen().root

NET_WM_NAME = dpy.intern_atom('_NET_WM_NAME')
UTF8_STRING = dpy.intern_atom('UTF8_STRING')

for win in root.query_tree().children:
        window_title = win.get_full_property(NET_WM_NAME, 
    except AttributeError:
    if window_title.endswith('Audacious'):
        song = window_title.split(' - ')[:-1]
        if song:
            print song

-- Ivan

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