Django or TurboGears or Pylons? for python web framework.

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Wed Nov 5 07:35:23 CET 2008

Hi Senior,

There was a case for web site that will be public to Internet for me. I like
python so I do not consider the use of Ruby on Rails.

I searched more web framework of python from Google. The good solution just
only there are Django, TurboGears and Pylons.

Just from my preferences, I want to use Django but the AJAX support will be
a problem. Also I need to select a JavaScript framework and lean it, maybe
JQuery, mootools or other. And I can not write python as it is written in
general javascript. I need to learn a different syntax.

TurboGears or Pylons, I am worried that the issue of performance because

Could everybody give me a hand for your select? Django or Turbegears or
Pylons? and Why?
If Django, how to do Ajax support for you? and why?

thanks eveybody first.
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