Official definition of call-by-value (Re: Finding the instancereference...)

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Mon Nov 17 20:20:58 CET 2008

 "Steve Holden" <steve at> wrote:

> There's also the question, if you say that an object is different from
> its value, of determining what the value's value is ...

This one is easy - its obviously the value that is returned when the value
is returned when you call for the value that you are interested in, unless
you are interested in the bare value, in which case its the value that is

I am beginning to suspect that Steven de'A is hammering away at this 
to take his mind off the recent cricket game between his country's team
and India.  Anything is better than contemplating that.  It was enough to
shake one's faith in Southern Supremacy...


- Hendrik

And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth...

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