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greg gslindstrom at
Wed Nov 19 13:47:07 CET 2008

On Nov 18, 6:39 pm, btk... at wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm learning Python by teaching myself, and after going through several
> tutorials I feel like I've learned the basics. Since I'm not taking a
> class or anything, I've been doing challenges/programs to reinforce the
> material and improve my skills. I started out with stuff like "Guess my
> number" games, hangman, etc. and moved on to making poker and card
> games to work with classes. For GUIs I created games like minesweeper,
> and a GUI stock portfolio tracker. I am out of ideas and am looking for
> programming projects, challenges, or programs that have helped you'll
> learn. I'm working on the project Euler problems, but I find that they
> don't really help my programming skills; they are more math focused.
> Suggestions? What has been useful or interesting to you? I'd also
> welcome sources of textbook type problems, because the ones provided in
> tutorials tend to be repetitive.
> Thanks,
> Ben

You night look at "Useless Python" (you'll have to Google for the
site).  It has tons of problems from trivial to complex.

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