length of a tuple or a list containing only one element

TP Tribulations at Paralleles.invalid
Mon Nov 3 12:08:28 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

I have a question about the difference of behavior of "len" when applied on
tuples or on lists. I mean:

$ len( ( 'foo', 'bar' ) )
$ len( ( 'foo' ) )
$ len( [ 'foo', 'bar' ] )
$ len( [ 'foo' ] )

Why this behavior for the length computation of a tuple?
For my application, I prefer the behavior of length for a list. If I want to
store some values in a tuple because they should not be modified, the case
where the tuple contains only one element bothers me.


python -c "print ''.join([chr(154 - ord(c)) for c in '*9(9&(18%.9&1+,\'Z

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