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Sun Nov 9 10:39:42 CET 2008


Grzegorz Staniak wrote:
> On 08.11.2008, Eric Wertman <ewertman at> wroted:
>>> To be exact, I used the words "engine/library", not "a whole framework".
>>> Thanks for the link, I've googled for articles and recipes myself and
>>> as I said, I more or less know what to do - I just thought it might be
>>> a good idea to ask whether perhaps the wheel has already been invented.
>>> Apparently I was wrong.
>> I think that was part of the problem.. you asked if the wheel had
>> already been invented, rather than tell us about the stones you have
>> to haul up a mountain, and whether a wheel is what you need.  It's
>> difficult to answer your original question.. someone could have just
>> as easily said that you should consider Sharepoint and not bother
>> writing any code.
> Aw, come on. The problem was only mentioned, but the question was pretty
> specific: could you comment on/recommend an open source python workflow 
> engine/module (implied: to go with a web app). Sharepoint doesn't match 
> the description. I think one could assume that if I'm asking about wheels, 
> I need a pointer to a wheel shop, and I'm not instead making a disguised 
> request for people to analyze my problem for me.

Well if we can see you are asking for "what is the best wheel ..."
and we can deduct from your mail that you are tying to build a
sleigh, the recomendation to expand on the original problem first
would not seem to sound so silly, wouldn't it?

And so if you are asking about the "best workflow engine to base the 
work on" you are obviously in a similar situation. This question
implies that you are maybe not really aware of what a workflow engine
is and does apart from the nice word.

The common denonimator of a workflow (state engine) is so simple, the
only complexity comes from the environment it needs to drive.

So in short: I doubt there is a general solution to the problem.


> GS

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