[Python-Dev] Why don't range and xrange threat floats as floats?

L V somelauw at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 19:47:50 CET 2008

python 2.5
Since it was an indirect suggestion, I thought it belonged here.
What should python-list and python-dev both be used for?
I know there is an alternative, but why not make it easier?

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2008/11/5 L V <somelauw at yahoo.com>:
> Why don't range and xrange threat floats as floats?
> Is there any good reason range and xrange don't threat floats as floats but
> as integers?
> When I enter float arguments in a range, the floats are treated as integers.
> (+ some warning)
> This is how I think it should work:
>>>>range(0, 1, 0.1)
> [0.0, 0.10000000000000001, 0.20000000000000001, 0.29999999999999999,
> 0.40000000000000002, 0.5, 0.59999999999999998, 0.69999999999999996,
> 0.80000000000000004, 0.90000000000000002]
> I got these results by:
>>>>[x/10. for x in xrange(10)]
> I'm not looking for alternatives, just for the reason that it works this
> way.


I don't think the Python developers list is th best list to post this
kind of question.

What version of Python did you use for this test?

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