HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Fri Nov 28 14:03:27 CET 2008

r a écrit :

> Unfortunatly though SketchUp currently uses
> Ruby(sorry to use profanity)


> language for scripting on both the free
> and pro versions. IMHO...and you will probably agree... programming
> with Ruby is neither fun or efficient.  Don't get me wrong i am not
> knocking Ruby.

No ? Really ? Then I don't want to know what you could come with if you 
tried to.

> But i have tried to learn Rudy and i all i get is a
> headache...

(snip more Ruby bashing).

The fact _you_ don't like Ruby doesn't make it a bad language. If what 
you want is a Python API to SketchUp, bashing Ruby certainly won't help 
- quite on the contrary. And it won't help promoting Python neither.

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