asp oddness , why specify ASP twice

Rob Williscroft rtw at
Thu Nov 27 00:36:17 CET 2008

davidj411 wrote in news:a08906ab-ba98-4ce0-a5f9-330f4b287423 in comp.lang.python:

> for some reason this code works:
> *********************************************
> <%@ LANGUAGE = Python%>

The above is a Directive, in this case it tells ASP what language to use, 
but other options like the enocding of the script can be specified.

There can only be one directive block It must be the first thing in 
the asp file and it starts with an @ sign.

There is manual,

Being MSDN I suggest you read it now as by next week microsoft will
have moved the content elsewhere (I'd add a smiley here, but it 
really isn't funny).

> <%
> Response.Write ("test")
> %>


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