Pyhon (with wxPython) on Windows' cygwin: can it be done fully ?

Barak, Ron Ron.Barak at
Wed Nov 26 07:45:09 CET 2008

Hi Pythonistas,

I read diaz's comments with interest, but - in my current configuration, I'm unable to use pdb.

I'm developing on cygwin and use wxPython.
Consequently, I cannot use native cygwin Python, but my Python is actually the Windows XP Python (i.e.,  /cygdrive/c/Python25/python.exe).
This means that pdb (and, for that matter any Python shell (like IDLE)) gets stuck upon invocation.

I was wandering: is anybody able to use native Python on cygwin, or alternately, to use Windows Python under cygwin in IDLE/pdb ?


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cptnwillard at wrote:

> I want my productivity back.
> In Python 2.x, I could easily write things like -- print "f" / print
> "add" / print "done" -- to a lot of different places in my code, which
> debugging tool it was.

I used to use print a lot. Once I found

import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

I massively lost interest in it. And gained *much* more debugging power/productivity.

Also, using logging instead of print allows you to keep the output producing statements in your code, while turning them on only if things get fishy.


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