Python surpasses Perl in popularity?

Steven D'Aprano steven at
Thu Nov 27 01:59:31 CET 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 11:17:21 -0500, Steve Holden wrote:

> Xah Lee wrote:
>> your remark is a bit overzealous. After all, we all know that site is
>> websearh based. Although it not some kinda scientific report, but it
>> does give some good indication of language popularity, however you
>> define that.
> [... rant omitted ...]
> I wondered how long you would be able to resist making your vituperative
> remarks. Please stop this rubbish.

Oh please Steve. Did you read Xah's post or stop after the second 
paragraph? It was amazingly *non* vituperative, and I don't just mean 
"for Xah".

I only counted two uses of the f-word and one of the a-word, none of 
which I personally would object to (we're grown-ups, naughty words 
shouldn't shock us). The only things which were even *close* to a 
vituperative rant were a short comment about Brian Harvey being unhappy 
with Scheme 6, and that Sun Microsystems use inferior versions of shell 
tools. Maybe half a dozen lines expressing strong opinions, out of a 300 
line post. 


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