Python 2.5 and sqlite

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at
Tue Nov 11 21:48:28 CET 2008

* "Martin v. Löwis" (Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:40:44 +0100)
> > That's not what I meant: the question is, do you need SQLite /after/ 
> > you've built from source or if you install the Python binary.
> Depends on how you built SQLite on your system. If it was a static
> library, you won't need it - if it is a shared library, you certainly
> need the shared library at run-time.

Aah, thanks. Makes sense a lot. There were quite a few people here in 
the last few days who asked how to build or use Python (or pysqlite) 
when SQLite is not installed (and they can't because it's not their 
system). I always said that it's not necessary to have SQLite installed 
for /running/ Python. Seems that I was "65%" right.


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