Finding the instance reference of an object

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Wed Nov 5 19:43:23 CET 2008

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

> 	I'm sure all the programmers using FORTRAN for the last 50 years
> will be very surprised to hear that it uses call-by-value!

That should be 'last 31 years'.  Fortran IV *was* call-by-value, as 
least for scalars.  I remember spending a couple of hours tracking down 
an obscure 'bug' in a once-working program when I ran it with F77. (I 
had not noticed the call-by-reference switch.) The reason was, as I 
remember, 'x = -x' in a function.  I never forgot the difference.

> I've used it for 30 years

Then you apparently missed the switch ;-).


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