Does python is suitable for enterprise cluster management?

Asaf Hayman asafhayman at
Sun Nov 16 17:56:02 CET 2008

Is anyone familiar or aware of a successful enterprise class project
in Python to control and monitor a cluster of computers?

As a part of a bigger project my company needs to build a cluster
management system. The aim of the system is to control and synchronize
applications. Namely, a central management will get events from the
remote applications and from a user and will react with commands to
the applications.
Existing tools don’t fit our requirements, so we will have to write it
We are currently pondering which programming language will best suite
us. The two major contenders are Python and Java.

Some requirements:
1. Cluster size is about 100 nodes. Only few applications per node.
2. Database interface.
3. Rate of messages: Few hundred messages per second at peak time.
4. External web application for control (only few users)
5. RPC between the management system to application written in c.
6. The whole system will run within a LAN, and the required
responsiveness latency should be no more than 1sec.

There are probably some more requirements which are common for cluster
management systems.

We are currently looking for success stories of a similar projects
done in Python. It will be great if someone could point me to a
success story. It will be even better if I could talk with someone
which was involved in such a project.


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