Extract frame from wmv

Martin mnwebmanage at westnet.com.au
Wed Nov 5 21:11:26 CET 2008

Tim Golden wrote:
> Martin wrote:
>> I've looked at Pymedia but I have to admit I couldn't work it out.
>> Commandline might be good, but I'm really hoping someone can point me 
>> in the right direction, as this is not my area of expertise.
> Nor mine :) Just so people can help you out, can you
> be more precise in your requirement? Do you want just
> the first frame (eg to act as an img placeholder for
> an embedded video). Or do you want to extract one or
> more arbitrary frames, eg for screen cap purposes?
> This page:
>  http://stream0.org/2008/02/howto-extract-images-from-a-vi.html
> looks helpful from the ffmpeg pov, but I assume you're
> as capable of using Google as I am. I had a very quick
> go with the copy of pymedia I have installed here, but
> it couldn't read a (fairly recent) .wmv file so that
> might be a problem in any case.
> UPDATE: Just tried:
>  ffmpeg -i bacardi.wmv -r 1 -f image2 images%05d.png
> from that page and it produced useful stuff. Worth a try?

Thanks again Tim,

I'm just extracting the first frame to use as a thumbnail.

I will try ffmpeg. Thanks for pointer. I didn't really know where to 
start looking.


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