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Edwin B. notochord at
Thu Nov 6 06:32:01 CET 2008

r <rt8396 at> writes:

> On Nov 5, 7:55 pm, exp... at (Edwin) wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I've been looking for a snippet manager and found PySnippet but it
>> requires PyGTK. Do you know any other option that doesn't need much?
>> I'm sort of new to python and user interfaces seem a bit far for me
>> right now, that's why I thought having to install PyGTK was
>> unnecessary.
>> Would you recommend installing it anyway?
>> I'm on a Mac, maybe some users of Steve's Unix flavour know about a
>> snippets software piece? I'm looking for free/open source alternatives.
>> Thank you!
>> P.S.: I'm also new to usenet ;) and hope my english is not that bad.
> I don't use one, but why not take a stab at coding one yourself.
> Use Tkinter to start, its easy.  well documented
> gotta learn GUI somehow
> if you need links to docs or help let me know

Good idea. It's not that I don't want to learn GUI, but coming from Web
related fields I'm taking it one step at a time, while learning Unix
(editors, shell, filesystem hierarchy, etc.).

All of this had been obscured by 'Apple's lifestyle'. It's been less than a
year since I realized I had so much powerful software around.

I'll start with Python documentation. If in any trouble, I'll get to you.


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