Installing python 2.6 on Vista

Mon Nov 24 06:17:36 CET 2008

I had python 2.5 on my computer and did a double install with 2.6 out of

Python 2.5 and idle had been working.


I was logged on as administrator (only user account on my computer) and
installed python2.6 for all users.

Python 2.6 idle did not work, and following installation nor did python


Reading the web suggestions I spent an evening trying combinations of
the following:

1.	Turning off UAC
2.	Uninstalling and reinstalling
3.	Installing for a single user
4.	Adding another admin account with a user
5.	Making a bat file and running the installer via the bat file as


Idle does still does not work on python 2.5 or 2.6


The only way I can get it to work is to create a new admin account with
a password and run it from this account.

The other (original) admin account cannot run idle, even if installed
for all users.


I do not want to do this because:

            1. I have truly personal and physically secure computer and
I do not want to have to use a password

            2. I want to use idle.


I accept that this may be essentially a VISTA problem.  However, I am a
fairly experienced user with many years of programming in python.

I less familiar with the ins and outs of windows especially vista but
part of the attraction of python is much easier than other environments
for doing most things.

If Python is this hard to getting going on windows for a reasonably
experienced user it should be regarded as BROKEN on windows.


I would strongly recommend that an official PORTABLE python for windows
should be a standard distribution so we can bypass all the windows
rubbish if we want to.  I am also going to try another distribution to
see if, at least, I can get python 2.5 back.


Not very happy,



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