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On Nov 26, 8:19 pm, "Tim Rowe" <digi... at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/11/26 fel <felipeval... at gmail.com>:
> > how can I convince them that Python is better
> You can't, because it isn't.

you are right, it isn't, but for the particular task at hand (DB
Sybase programming)
I feel somehow that the team isn't moving fast enough, perhaps the
Language is the problem?
the team doesn't know much about java, and altough IDEs help, I see
litle or no advancement and time is running short.

I believe Python is the answer, I saw an app called Bado (look it up),
and as I saw the guy that wrote all the stuff
make screen casts to show it off, I tought to myself, "the reason he
did all of this, is because HE COULD", the
language dodn't get in the way, it was simple and consice, just as I
remember it)
so why not ditch java and give it a try?

I think I need a page with 100 reasons why Python is better than Java
( it is, or at least, it MUST be)
and if it isn't , we cana lways improve it (in java that's a no go)

> I'd better explain that, before I'm lynched. The thing is, no language
> is better than another language. A language is better than another
> language *for a particular purpose*. SPARK Ada is better than Python
> for safety-critical software (if only because it's easier to get
> regulatory approval). INTERCAL is better than Python for
> obfustication. Before you try to convert them to Python, you need to
> find out all the reasons for the existing language choice and work out
> whether Python actually /would/ be better. If you can do that, in the
> process you will have gathered the evidence you need.

that's a lot of bytes for "do your own homework"
but thanks, I'll do it.

> If you can't do
> that, why are you assuming that Python will be better?
> --
> Tim Rowe

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