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Fri Nov 21 05:32:30 CET 2008

    >> I am constantly amazed at work that people open a separate emacs for
    >> each file they want to edit.  Most of them seem not to even know that
    >> find-file exists.

    Edwin> Come on mate... it's already a bit hard to post in a non-native
    Edwin> language. As a beginner in Python it's just "my two pennies
    Edwin> worth", really.

No knock on you at all, just an observation about the work patterns many of
my colleagues have.  The people I work with are professional software
engineers, engineers, quantitative analysts, etc.  Many not at all new to
Python, C++, Unix or Emacs.  And it's not like I haven't shown them how to
do it.  I showed one guy how to exchange two adjacent words today with M-t.
He about fell off his chair.

Come to think of it, the one other person I work with who always keeps an
Emacs open is a vi user who likes it for sql mode.  Nothing else.  He runs
viper mode and keeps an sql mode buffer open continuously with all his
little sql snippets ready to submit to our Sybase server.  When he uses vim
to edit?  One vim session per file.  I'm pretty sure that vim allows you to
open multiple files at once as well.  Go figure.


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