[ANN]: pdftools.pdfposter 0.4.5

Hartmut Goebel h.goebel at goebel-consult.de
Mon Nov 24 12:44:53 CET 2008

I'm pleased to announce pdftools.pdfposter 0.4.5, a tool to scale and
tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages.


This version honors cropped pages (/ArtBoxes, /CropBox).

Starting with version 0.4.5, the package was renamed to
'pdftools.pdfposter'. This will allow integrating some other tools
(pdfnup, pdfsplit, etc.) into a larger toolset somewhen.


:Quick Installation:
    easy_install -U pdftools.pdfposter


What is pdfposter?

Scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages.

``Pdfposter`` can be used to create a large poster by building it from
multiple pages and/or printing it on large media. It expects as input a
PDF file, normally printing on a single page. The output is again a
PDF file, maybe containing multiple pages together building the
The input page will be scaled to obtain the desired size.

This is much like ``poster`` does for Postscript files, but working
with PDF. Since sometimes poster does not like your files converted
from PDF. :-) Indeed ``pdfposter`` was inspired by ``poster``.

For more information please refer to the manpage or visit
the `project homepage <http://pdfposter.origo.ethz.ch/>`_.

:Author:    Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel at goebel-consult.de>
:Copyright: GNU Public Licence v3 (GPLv3)
:Homepage:  http://pdfposter.origo.ethz.ch/

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