How to build the pysqlite? Where to find the "sqlite3.h"?

Shawn Milochik Shawn at
Wed Nov 5 17:22:38 CET 2008

This is all useful and interesting stuff, but I don't think any of it
addresses the original poster's problem, which is that he has no root
access to a Linux or Unix box, and wants to get pysqlite2 working in
his home directory. I have exactly the same problem. I have tried the
"python install --home=~" method, and I get errors from GCC
that I have no permissions (and to be honest, nor the knowledge) to

Isn't there anyway to get a Linux binary that can just be put
somewhere in the Python path so we can use sqlite? Or are those of us
without admin/root control of our boxes screwed?

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