python script to act as list server

Lawrence D'Oliveiro ldo at geek-central.gen.new_zealand
Mon Nov 17 05:05:21 CET 2008

William Gill wrote:

> I want to forward any email addressed to agroup at to a python
> script that will forward it to all the other subscribers,but does not
> reveal the sender's email address.  Instead the return address will be
> agroup at  That way people will be able to have an e-mail
> based chat group w/o revealing their email address.
> Sounds simple enough to me, but sounding and implementing can be vastly
> different animals :-)

Yeah, pretty basic header-rewriting stuff. Search for "From:", "To:" and perhaps "Reply-To:" lines and replace them with your own. You'd probably want your "To:" lines to be something suitably non-revealing, like

   To: (members of agroup):;

with the real addressees in "Bcc:" lines.

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