Python / Debian package dependencies

Steven Samuel Cole steven.samuel.cole at
Fri Nov 21 03:20:48 CET 2008

Hi Stephane,

thanks for your reply! :-)

I do not get any notification or warning or whatever from dpkg, all
output I get when running
# sudo dpkg -i python-<package name>_0.0.1-4927-1_all.deb
       Selecting previously deselected package python-<package name>.
       (Reading database ... 15026 files and directories currently installed.)
       Unpacking python-<package name> (from python-<package
name>_0.0.1-4927-1_all.deb) ...
       Setting up python-<package name> (0.0.1-4927-1) ...

And my <package name> package itself does get installed, but the
'psycopg2' and 'setuptools' packages it depends on do not get

How would I install a package with apt-get if I don't have it in the
repository, but only have a local .deb file ?



2008/11/20 Stephane Bulot <stephane at>:
> Hi Steven,
> This is a normal behaviour for dpkg. If there is a failing dependancy, dpkg
> will not install dependancies, it will notify only and will not install the
> package. Dependancies installations are managed by the front-end to dpkg
> (aptitude or apt). This is not a python issue that you are facing to.
> Cheers
> Stephbul
> 2008/11/20 Steven Samuel Cole <steven.samuel.cole at>
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to build a debian package for my python modules using
>> stdeb and dpkg-buildpackage. The package building itself works, I also
>> managed to have an entry point created and I can use my python modules
>> on the Ubuntu virtual machine I use to test the package.
>> The problem is that my modules require the psycopg2 python package and
>> the entry point seems to require setuptools.
>> I can't figure out how to declare a dependency that actually results
>> in the dependency Debian packages being installed.
>> I tried adding these lines to
>> requires = ['psycopg2', 'setuptools'],
>> requires = ['psycopg2 (>=0.1)', 'setuptools (>=0.1)'],
>> install_requires = ['psycopg2', 'setuptools'],
>> install_requires = ['psycopg2>=0.1', 'setuptools>=0.1'],
>> and then run stdeb_run_setup and dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us
>> in the deb_dist/<package name> folder created, but when I copy the
>> .deb file over to the virtual machine and do dpkg -i <.deb file>, none
>> of them would actually install psycopg2 and setuptools.
>> What am I doing wrong ? Am I actually somewhat on the right track or
>> am I doing complete nonsense ?
>> Thanks for your help!
>> Cheers,
>> Steve
>> --

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