Question: what to do, my Python is getting crazy

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Sat Nov 15 10:06:30 CET 2008

En Fri, 14 Nov 2008 18:21:17 -0200, Pekeika  
<m.echavarriagregory at> escribió:

> Good morning group,
> When I open my Python window, this is appearing instead of the command
> line >>>. (I'm somehow new to Python).
>   File "", line 21, in <module>
>   File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\", line 3, in
> <module>
>     pywintypes.__import_pywin32_system_module__("pythoncom", globals
> ())
>   File "C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\win32\lib\", line
> 98, in __import_pywin32_system_module__
>     ('.dll', 'rb', imp.C_EXTENSION))
> ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be
> found.

Do you mean, you just type python <enter> at the command prompt, and get  
the above error?
Please post the *entire* traceback you get - the first lines are important  

> I also noticed that the "queue" is not working, along with other basic
> commands.

Which "queue"? Which basic commands?

> What should I do?
> I'm afraid to update and replace all the modules that I have compiled
> and installed in my directory, and don't know how to do it without
> damaging everything...

Try starting Python from an empty directory. Maybe you inadvertidly  
aliased some standard module with another module of your own (like  
"", ""...)
Also, try starting Python using: python -v
and look for some module imported from your own directories, not from the  
Python standard library.

Gabriel Genellina

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