Threading on an old machine

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Nov 10 16:20:23 CET 2008

Astley Le Jasper wrote:
> I have an application that put on an old machine with a fresh Xubuntu
> installation (with Python 2.5). But I can't get the threading to work
> The application was written on a combination of Windows XP and
> OpenSuse and has been running without any problems using Eclipse/
> Pydev. However, now that I try to run the application using IDLE it
> just hangs.  I have managed to track the point at which it hangs to
> the following line:
> for sitename in mysites:
>"define thread")
>     thread_list[search_engine]=threading.Thread(name=sitename,
> target=myproceedure, args=(sitename,))
>     thread_list[search_engine].start()
> It gets to the "done" and then hangs. It doesn't appear to get to
> 'myproceedure'.

Since 'myproceedure' is before 'done', the above is unclear.

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