Using thread in an asyncronous application

Aaron Brady castironpi at
Sat Nov 29 02:24:09 CET 2008

On Nov 27, 9:03 am, "Giampaolo Rodola'" <gne... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm the maintainer of an asynchronous FTP server implementation based
> on asyncore.
> Some days ago I thought it would be interesting to add a class
> offering the possibility to run the asyncore loop into a thread so
> that a user can run the server without blocking the entire
> application.
> It could be useful, for example, in case someone wants to integrate a
> GUI.
> Since I'm not good with multi-threaded programming I'd like some
> opinions about the code I'm going to paste below.
> The FTPServer class that I inherited in my subclass is the
> "dispatcher" which listens on port 21 dispatching the incoming
> connection to an "handler".
> The polling loop (FTPServer.serve_forever()) is wrapped in the run
> method.
> As you can see I acquire and release the lock (threading.Lock) every
> time I call the polling loop.
> My question is: is that really necessary?
> Should I expect some weird behavior by running the main loop into a
> thread like I did?
> Thanks in advance

I found it hard to read through it.  Do you have a smaller abstract

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