HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

r rt8396 at
Sat Nov 29 16:12:37 CET 2008

After careful consideration and much pondering of the subject, I will
NOT retract my words. And I will give you truthful answers for my

People have said that i ripped Ruby in my promotion of Python. This
just IS NOT True. Lets go over the facts here, and let them speak
louder than words.

a.) does ruby include a redundant end statement? YES
b.) is print clearer than puts? YES, and sounds less 3rd graderish!
c.) is input clearer than gets? YES, again 3rd grade
d.) is elif more compact than elsif? YES, and your fingers will thank
e.) is None clearer than nil? abso-freaking-lutly!
f.) should highlevel languages tow the load? YES
g.) should any language be cryptic? NO, use perl if your a
obstufaction nut!
h.) should you have to use funny symbols to access a varible, or
index? NO, use perl!
i.) should people react with thought and not emotion to usenet post?
j.) if a language is easy to learn and uses the most simple and clear
syntax does that mean it is bad, or somehow less than another? NO,
that means it is innovative, smart, and Python

the only thing I honestly could see about Python that someone would
not like is the mandatory use of self. I personally did not like it at
first and lamented about it. But have gotten very use to it now. If
Guido removes this will i cry like a baby...NO, if he doesn't will i
leave Python...NO, where else would i go, there IS no competition to

As you can see every point I made about Ruby is true, I did NOT
falisfy any thing about the Ruby language, I don't need to it speaks
for it's self. No one can argue with the above stated facts unless YOU
are just a rabid fanboy for Ruby. Facts are Facts.

Wait there is probably one thing i should change though so my post is
more appropriate for this audiance.
the first line : Hello fellow Python Advocates!
should read    : Hello fellow Ruby Advocates!

And think about this friends. If Guido thought Ruby was worth a crap
he would of adopted Rubys quarks, but Guido is no moron! You are the
kind of people who write unmaintainable code just so you can keep your
job. No one else wants to debug your garbage. Try instead to adopt a
quality mind set and you will never be short of work!

PS Arron, i DID read your entire post :)

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