Ethan Furman ethan at
Mon Nov 10 22:30:08 CET 2008

Many thanks to Stephen, Marc, Terry, and everyone else.  Even thanks to 
those whose stubborn refusal to think at the appropriate layer extended 
the thread clear off my mail reader's screen.

This is one area where my understanding was weak, and in fact have had 
to change code because I didn't understand how this worked, and still 
had no understanding afterwards (although my code did work afterwards  :).

Coming from assembly, C, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC, FoxPro, and possibly 
others whose names I do not currently remember, I am well aware of what 
c-b-v and c-b-r means and had never heard of c-b-o (alas, my degree is 
in Business Administration).  The reference to the old articles, and 
effbot, and the very good explanation of Python's assignment statement 
have been invaluable to me and are *very much appreciated*.

Thank you.

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