HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

r rt8396 at
Sat Nov 29 03:41:59 CET 2008

Let me clear up a few things. Sometimes when you read a post you can
mis-interpret the posters feelings(i have been guilty of this myself,
I took Chris's post the wrong way when he was clearly not being rude)

1.) Do i personally like Ruby? No
2.) Do i want to remove Ruby from the world? No
3.) Do i want to remove Ruby from SketchUp? No
4.) Do i find Python easier to learn than Ruby? IMHO, Yes
5.) Do i think other non-programmers will agree that Python is eaiser
to learn? IMHO, Yes
6.) Do i want to do away with ANY languge? No
7.) Do i want to promote Python, my favorite language? Yes

I now see how the remarks in my OP could be mis-interpreted the same
way i mis-interpreted Chris's reply to my OP. I hope from the above
Q&A will better convey my goals. All my goals are pure here. I simply
just wanted to submit a list of Python API advocates to the SketchUp
feature request forum. I admit that my wording could've been better.
No one is perfect. I am just passionate about Python.

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