Python / Debian package dependencies

Paul Boddie paul at
Sat Nov 22 20:51:50 CET 2008

On 21 Nov, 23:09, Steven Samuel Cole <steven.samuel.c... at>
> 1. I must use a 'higher-level' tool than dpkg to install the package
> which automatically resolves and installs dependency packages. There has
>   got to be a way to use apt-get for .deb files which do not reside
> (yet) in a repository.

I more or less skipped the part about installation, but had the
dependencies been included correctly in the package description and
had they not been available, dpkg would have complained. You can use
apt-get with local repositories, although the magic required for
initialising them isn't too obvious. That said, if it's like the
package building scene, I'm sure various tools exist for initialising
repositories; I use a very short shell script to run the programs that
update the repository records.

> 2. stdeb does not seem to 'transform' dependencies specified in
> into dependencies in its output files. There seems to be a mailing list
> for stedb at I'll
> try there.

Good luck! One of the issues with such transformations is that they
cannot generally be done trivially, but perhaps some kind of mapping
between "upstream" source packages and Debian packages would alleviate
such difficulties.


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