special editor support for indentation needed.

Almar Klein almar.klein at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 21:08:55 CET 2008

Hi Eric,

First of all, I like your initiative.
I'm not sure if I undestand you correctly, but can't you just
increase indentation after each line that ends with a colon?
That's how I do it in my editor. The user would then only need
to specify when to decrease indentation.


2008/11/14 Eric S. Johansson <esj at harvee.org>:
> in trying to make programming in Python more accessible to disabled programmers
> (specifically mobility impaired speech recognition users), and hitting a bit of
> a wall.  The wall (for today) is indentation.  I need a method of getting the
> "right indentation" without having to speak a bunch of unnecessary commands.
> For example, depth specified by the previous line.  But, frequently you need to
> go to a more arbitrary indentation for example the right level of indentation
> for a method definition or class definition.  This indentation should be
> something you could get by typing/speaking the right command with your eyes closed.
> For example if I was to give the command "new method", I should be able to spit
> out a template (contained within the speech recognition environment) and through
> a command embedded in the template, force indentation to the right level for
> "def" and then the editor would control indentation for the rest of the text
> injection.
> I prefer are working in Emacs because that's where I have a lot of my speech
> grammars set up but I'm not averse to trying another editor.  The only condition
> is that the editor must run a Windows and have remote editing mode (like tramp)
> so I can edit on remote machines.
> ideas?
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