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Grzegorz Staniak gstaniak at
Sat Nov 8 23:38:09 CET 2008

On 08.11.2008, Eric Wertman <ewertman at> wroted:
>> To be exact, I used the words "engine/library", not "a whole framework".
>> Thanks for the link, I've googled for articles and recipes myself and
>> as I said, I more or less know what to do - I just thought it might be
>> a good idea to ask whether perhaps the wheel has already been invented.
>> Apparently I was wrong.
> I think that was part of the problem.. you asked if the wheel had
> already been invented, rather than tell us about the stones you have
> to haul up a mountain, and whether a wheel is what you need.  It's
> difficult to answer your original question.. someone could have just
> as easily said that you should consider Sharepoint and not bother
> writing any code.

Aw, come on. The problem was only mentioned, but the question was pretty
specific: could you comment on/recommend an open source python workflow 
engine/module (implied: to go with a web app). Sharepoint doesn't match 
the description. I think one could assume that if I'm asking about wheels, 
I need a pointer to a wheel shop, and I'm not instead making a disguised 
request for people to analyze my problem for me.

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