Need help converting text to csv format

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Nov 21 17:34:16 CET 2008

Tim Golden wrote:
> Tim Chase wrote:
>>>  >>> qfields = ['"' + fld.strip() + '"' for fld in (num,desc,date)]
>>>  >>> out = qfields.join(',')
>> Just a quick note here to prevent the confusion of the OP...this should be
>>   ','.join(qfields)
> To be honest, it's so easy to use the stdlib csv module
> that I'd always recommend that, especially as it covers
> all those annoying corner cases with embedded commas and
> quotes and stuff. And it's tested to hell and back.

[cedes point to TimG]

yes, the CSV module has some wonderful stuff in it, and I 
regularly use it for *reading* CSV files.  But for writing them, 
it's often just as fast (for my purposes) to simply code my 1st 
post's quickie as it is to scrounge in the docs/docstrings to 
remember how to let the CSV do the creation. But TimG is correct 
that using csv is the _right_ way to do it...gotta leave SOME 
work for the OP :)

too-many-tims-on-c.l.p'ly yers,


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