wrapping a method function call?

Goldfish gregturn at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 4 19:15:12 CET 2008

Spring Python provides an AOP solution (http://
springpython.webfactional.com/reference/html/aop.html). You can define
regexp patterns of what you want to intercept.

Imagine having this service:
class SampleService:
    def method(self, data):
        return "You sent me '%s'" % data
    def do_something(self):
        return "Okay, I'm doing something"

You can write a simple interceptor that wraps the results:

from springpython.aop import *
class WrappingInterceptor(MethodInterceptor):
    """Interceptor that is called before the real method, and has
access afterwards to the results
    def invoke(self, invocation):
        print "BEFORE..."
        results = "<Wrapped>" + invocation.proceed() + "</Wrapped>"
        print "AFTER...."
        return results

Simply creating an instance of your base class acts as you would
service = SampleService()
print service.method("something")

>>> "You sent me 'something'"

Change one line, and your interceptor is plugged in:
service = ProxyFactoryComponent(target = SampleService(), interceptors
= [WrappingInterceptor()])
print service.method("something")

>>> "<Wrapped>You sent me 'something'</Wrapped>"

Visit the website at http://springpython.webfactional.com, and read
about AOP, along with the other features provided by this library.

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