Python IF THEN chain equivalence

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I think you should rethink your post. The first case you posted makes no sense in any language I know.  Also, a whole lot of nested IF's is a bad idea in any language.  In Python, you will end up with code indented 40+ characters if you keep going.

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Subject: Python IF THEN chain equivalence

I'm translating a program in Python that has this IF Then chain

IF  x1 < limit:   --- do a ---
    IF  x2 < limit:  --- do b ---
        IF x3 < limit:  --- do c ---
                    IF  x10 < limt: --- do j ---

In other words, as long as    'xi' is less than 'limit' keep going
down the chain, and when 'xi' isn't less than 'limit' jump to end of
chain a continue.

Is this the equivalence in Python?

IF  x1 < limit:
        --- do a  ---
elif x2 < limit:
        --- do b ---
elif x10 < limit:
       --- do j ---


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