is there really no good gui builder

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Mon Nov 10 15:00:20 CET 2008

On Nov 8, 1:35 pm, azrael <jura.gro... at> wrote:
> whoever I ask, everyone tells me when it come to python and GUI-s and
> that there is the best way to use WX. I am browsing for the 10th time
> during the last year and I can still not bealive that there is not one
> project to make gui-building easy as maybe in VB for python. Each I
> tried was a pain in the ass when it comes to usability. The only
> descent one I've seen was Boa constructor, but also they have stoped
> in developing. Please tell me that there is at least something
> descent.
> I am freaking out that I need 5 times more time to make a GUI in
> python than in VB.

I normally don't recommend this, but you can use Visual Studio to
create your GUI and then use IronPython to run it. Then you'll have
the "best" of both worlds.

I don't use IronPython that much, but I do like that. For the most
part though, I just use wxPython.


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