How to run a python app in the background?

Aaron Brady castironpi at
Fri Nov 21 03:36:48 CET 2008

On Nov 20, 6:13 pm, kevint... at wrote:
> I'm a beginning programmer writing a tiny app with a TkInter GUI.
> Desired functionality:
> When the user enters a time interval, I want the windows to disappear,
> and the program to lie dormant until the scheduled time (currently
> using sched module), when it would pop up another window and execute a
> command.
> Current functionality:
> When the user clicks through a showinfo() window, root.quit() is
> executed. As I understand it, the program will then complete the
> commands that come after root.mainloop(), where I have put
> schedule.entry(...) and
> The problem is that the windows just hang until the schedule event
> happens. The schedule is using time.sleep as the delay. And I have no
> idea how I'd create a notification popup when the command runs.
> Is there any obvious solution to this problem? Or a tricky solution?
> Should I put the scheduler before root.mainloop()? Can I still kill
> the main window if I do that?
> I want the app to be totally silent during the interim period.
> Thanks for your help
> Kevin

Just guessing.  Try 'delete root' after 'root.mainloop()', to see if
you can get it to clean up its resources.  Otherwise, subprocesses
might be what you want.

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