Can't find Python Library packages in Ubuntu (Debian)

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Nov 24 13:03:46 CET 2008

On 24 Nov, 12:42, "Jerzy Jalocha N" <jjalo... at> wrote:
> I will try to contact whoever is responsible for the packaging of Python
> in Ubuntu (or Debian), and ask them if they are willing to support the
> _complete_ Python release.

They may already do so, but I'd argue that they could document the
packages which provide the complete release a bit better if these are
not already mentioned in /usr/share/doc/python/README.Debian or some
similar file. By looking at the documentation for the Debian stable
source package, I did manage to find a list of generated packages:

Perhaps one of these contains the test files. Although such files are
arguably only of use to people building Python, and such people would
therefore obtain the source package in order to perform the build
process, there could be some benefit in having a package which
provides these files separately. For example, one may wish to verify
the behaviour of an installed version or to test aspects of another
implementation. I don't see a problem with you (or someone else)
filing a bug about this, but then I'm not too familiar with the
packaging policies of Debian with respect to Python.


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