Can't find Python Library packages in Ubuntu (Debian)

Jerzy Jalocha N jjalocha at
Thu Nov 20 14:25:42 CET 2008

I'm new in this list (and to Python), so I'd like to start saying
hello to everyone first. I am really enjoying this new language!

I am trying to use the standard tests (like or from the standard library (Python2.5), but they aren't
available on a standard Ubuntu Hardy or Ibex installation. Searching
in the official download, I found a rich test structure under
'Lib/test/', but in my installation, this directory doesn't contain
much. The dpkg-file script didn't find any packages for these specific
files either. I looked manually in any 'python-' package that seemed
reasonable, with no success, and Google didn't help this time.

So, the first question is: How do I install the complete Python test
framework under Ubuntu (Debian)?

Since I spend long times in a remote area without network connection,
I usually try to set-up everything I need (and might eventually need)
on my computer in advance, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Thus, I would really try to make sure, I have a complete Python
installed on my notebook. But I couldn't find out for sure what parts
are missing in a standard Ubuntu installation, and what needs to be
added manually.

So, my second question: What (meta?-)package(s) do I have to install
under Ubuntu (Debian) in order to get a full (as in the official
release) Python installation?

Thank you in advance!


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