Red Hat 32 bit RPM for python 2.4+

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Nov 6 19:32:15 CET 2008

Pravin Sinha wrote:
> Hi Michael ,
> Actually my requirement is to use 32 bit version of pyOpenSSL on 64
> bit linux machine, Python 64 bit is not able to load 32 bit
> pyOpenSSL, so I wanted to install 32 bit python on 64 bit Linux.
> Again building that locally is not straight forward as I guess we
> need to use 32 bit version of lib and gcc .
> Could you please suggest me something?

I could be wrong, but your choices are:

a) build a custom 32-bit python install to /opt/python32 or something


b) set up a 32-bit chroot environment and install the stock 32-bit
python in that.

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