coming back as unreachable in Dillo (IPv6 routing error?)

Tim Chase python.list at
Sat Nov 29 14:17:43 CET 2008

> You shouldn't need to do anything. It should be no problem that you
> can't reach through IPv6, since all your applications
> will immediately fall back to using IPv4 on their own.
> It may be that some application misbehaves, i.e. it tries to get an
> IPv6 connection, which it can't, and then gives up. This would be
> very bad programming, and the authors should never had added IPv6
> support to that application in the first place (applications that
> predate IPv6 only use gethostbyname, only find IPv4 addresses, and
> never even try IPv6).

I've filed a Debian bug-report against Dillo which is the 
problematic app.  My home ISP (SBC Global) apparently doesn't 
support IPv6, or if it does, something fails between them and my 
laptop (perhaps my router).  I think the easiest solution for now 
is just to disable IPv6 in my /etc/modprobe.d/aliases as I've 
seen suggested elsewhere until either my ISP routes IPv6 packets 
properly, or the Dillo bug is fixed.

Thanks for your help!


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