Which was the best Lib of GUI for python

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 17:16:48 CET 2008

On Nov 4, 9:39 am, Joe Strout <j... at strout.net> wrote:
> On Nov 3, 2008, at 10:53 PM, 3000 billg wrote:
> > I am a leaner. for your experience. Which GUI Lib will be the best  
> > for Python? wxpython, Tkinter or...
> I'm sure you'll get as many opinions on this as there are libraries.  
> However, I recently faced the same choice, and settled on wxPython.  
> I've been very impressed with the quality and "nativeness" that's  
> achievable with wx apps.  You'll find a number of demos with the  
> wxPython distribution (already installed on your machine, if you're  
> using OS X 10.5), and it's well worth running them to give you a feel  
> for what it can do.
> In addition to the quality apparent to the end-user (which I think is  
> the most important thing), I find the wx API to be quite sensible and  
> easy to work with too.
> HTH,
> - Joe

And the really cool thing about wxPython is that it has a fun and
helpful community. Be sure to join the wxPython mailing list if you go
with this toolkit. You'll learn a lot there.


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