strange permission issue with nosetests

Mr.SpOOn mr.spoon21 at
Thu Nov 20 13:45:58 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 13:34, Ben Finney
<bignose+hates-spam at> wrote:
> Mr.SpOOn <mr.spoon21 at> writes:
>> Searching on google I found this:
>> He had the same issue and said to change permission of the file to 664.
> Unit test modules, which are primarily meant to be imported and have
> the tests collected and *then* run by the unit test framework, should
> be non-executable modules. I'm very glad nose enforces this.

Mmm it seems strange to me. I mean, there isn't any reference to this
on the site. How would one imagine he needs to change permission? And
it is strange that the first time I didn't need to change anything.

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