How to use OpenOpt

Vicent Giner vginer at
Thu Nov 27 12:48:12 CET 2008


I am interested in using OpenOpt, a numerical optimization framework
in Python.

I've been reading the official documentation about OpenOpt, but it
seems a little confusing to me.

So, this is a question about OpenOpt; sorry if it is too specific for
this forum, but I thought maybe someone reading this forum could know
anything about OpenOpt.

My question is: if I want to use OpenOpt, what must I do?

In fact, if I want to develop a new optimization algorithm in Python,
how can I use OpenOpt? I mean, in which part of the process can /
should I use OpenOpt?  What are the advantages of using OpenOpt? Is it
just a "bunch" or library of available optimization algorithms, or
does it also provide a general framework (a general predefined Object
Oriented structure, for example, some general functions in order to
manage algorithms...) in order to build an test or run our own

I hope I've been clear enough about my questions.

Any answer will be appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

Vicent Giner-Bosch, Valencia (Spain)

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