Python COM: Automatic wrap/unwrap?

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Sun Nov 9 22:15:58 CET 2008

Greg Ewing wrote:
> I'm creating a COM server in Python that will have one
> main class, with methods that create and return instances
> of other classes.
> I've found that I need to use win32com.server.util.wrap
> and unwrap on these objects when they pass over a COM
> connection. This doesn't seem very convenient, especially
> for methods that can be called either via COM or internally
> from other Python code.
> It seems that the basic Python types are wrapped and
> unwrapped automatically when needed. Is there some way of
> extending this mechanism? Is there a class I can inherit
> from, or a magic attribute I can set, or some registration
> process I can use, to get instances of my class automatically
> wrapped and unwrapped?
You should post this on as Mark and the other Windows/COM 
gurus hang around there a lot.


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