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Thu Nov 27 08:05:07 CET 2008

davidj411 <davidj411 at> wrote:
>when i use cgi, i never get a 500 error but i can see how it might
>take on overhead if many users are hitting the site at once. so to
>avoid this, i looked into registering the python engine for ASP

It is easy to overestimate the overhead of CGI.  Unless you are getting
tens of requests every second, the overhead is insignificant, and CGI is
pretty easy to handle and debug.

>this is the ASP code when using GET method:
><%@ LANGUAGE = Python%>
>import sys

What do you believe that statement is doing?

>POST by the way seems to have a 100 kb limit so why ever use it unless
>you need to keep the data out of the URL?)

No, POST doesn't have a 100 kB limit.  When you upload a file to a web
site, it's sent through a POST request.  However, keeping data out of the
URL is a big factor.
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