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Thu Nov 27 01:13:12 CET 2008

On Nov 27, 6:20 am, "inhahe" <inh... at> wrote:
> Python should [...]

The problem with statements like this is that Python itself can't do
anything, only members of the Python community can.

But I do understand and agree with your main point. I'm hoping that
the PyPy project will allow for more rapid experimentation with new
JIT & VM techniques, with the more successful making their way into
the CPython VM over time. The project isn't quite at the point yet,
but they're still heading in that direction:

Another project similar-ish to Pyjamas is HotRuby:
However, it doesn't use the code-to-JS approach, rather it has
implemented the Ruby VM (or a subset thereof) in JavaScript and runs
Ruby bytecodes directly. Under Chrome, this results in a 16x increase
over the Ruby 1.9 VM.

It certainly looks like some interesting times are ahead for dynamic

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